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    Attractions - Things to Taste, See & Do


Apple Cider Slushes

Sweet, delicious and icy cold - we are known for our 100% pure juice slushes. Pure apple juice (unfiltered - not from concentrate!) and pure pomegranate juice are blended to make our pomegranate cider slush. The most popular way to enjoy them is 1/2 and 1/2 layered in stripes, so you have both a sweet and tart taste experience.

Honey Tasting
                    Honey Tasting

Our farm stand carries many different varieties of honey, most of them local, and some from our own farm. Depending upon the season we have your favorites like Clover, Orange Blossom and Sage.  We also have unusual varieties like Pomegranate, Raspberry, Avocado, Apple Blossom, Fireweed, Yellowstar Thistle, Safflower, Toyon, Blackberry, Wildflower and more.

It is so interesting how different honey can taste depending upon what crop the bees are pollinating. All of the local honey we carry is raw, natural and unfiltered.

What do those terms mean? It means that our honey is straight out of the hive with minimal interference by humans. Most often honey you buy at the grocery store has been heated to a high temperature or pasteurized to stabilize it from crystallizing and make it easier to filter and process. When honey is heated to a high temperature, it becomes a thin syrup, and then can be processed through a series of commercial filters.

Instead, our raw honey is only gently warmed to about the same temperature of a warm summer day to remove it from the comb, and it still has all of the important natural vitamins, enzymes and nutrients that are damaged or neutralized by high heat. Because it is not heated to a syrup consistency, our beekeepers don’t filter our honey either. It is poured through a screen to remove large chunks of comb, and then allowed to settle for a period of time in a large container. The excess honey comb and pollen gradually rises to the top. The honey is then poured into jars through a valve located at the bottom of the container.

If you hold our raw honey up to the light, you will be able to see small bits of honey comb and pollen suspended in the honey, proof of the natural process. Not only can you see the difference, you can smell and taste the difference. Store bought honey cannot compare to the intoxicating aroma and exquisite taste of natural raw honey.

We offer samples of all of the honey varieties we carry so you can experience the kaleidoscope of aroma and flavors of the different honeys we carry. It is similar to a wine tasting experience, as honey is influenced by the rainfall, terrain, seasons and flower crop the bees feed on. The difference is the whole family can take part in the experience.

Right now we have a local Orange Blossom honey that is so fragrant and floral it will flat knock your socks off! Drop by and we'll let you taste how amazing honey can "bee" :-).

U-Pick Gardens

We offer u-pick with almost every crop grown on our farm.You can pick your own sweet onions and garlic in early June, and blackberries from our olallieberry patch in late June and early July. Middle July means u-pick lavender season, for buds or bundles. July and August means u-pick peach and plum season. In August we have available for u-pick all of our heirloom tomatoes (over 50 different varieties), and September through November means u-pick apple season

U-Pick Heirloom Tomatoes

You Pick Sunflowers and Zinnias


During the summer months we have u-pick sunflowers and zinnias.  You can create your own country bouquet.

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

In the fall we have a u-pick pumpkin patch for the kids. It will be filled with just-the-right-sized pumpkins for little ones to load up in a wagon and take home with them.  All pumpkins in our u-pick patch are priced $4 or less.

Farm Animals

Our farm is bursting at the seams with critters. We are growing our farm animal area and building larger pens so we can have more of our farm animal family at the farm stand for folks to enjoy.  Goats, rabbits, chickens and ducks are at the farmstand daily.

Antique Farm Equipment

                     Cat Thirty

Do you enjoy seeing early farm equipment?  We have a nice collection that has been passed down by family members throughout the years, and many pieces that have been donated by our generous friends and neighbors.  We have a self-guided walking tour.  You may stroll along the driveway to view the equipment, and read our story cards telling you the history and use of each piece.

Picnic Area

We have a picnic area where you can relax and enjoy treats from our farm market and bakery. You are welcome to bring your own pack lunch from home, however we ask that you take any trash you generate home with you please.

Hay Maze

Hay Maze
2013 Maze

Our toddler size hay maze was a huge hit last year, so we are going to make it even bigger and better this year!  The barley crop will be harvested in late July, so watch for the hay maze in early August.

2014 Maze

You will have to wait to see what we have in store for 2015!

Wooden Train

          Wooden Train

All Aboard!  Kids will enjoy playing on our new wooden train play structure.  They can let their imaginations run wild while they try their hand at being an engineer or riding along in the coal car.

Lasso a Dummy Steer

                  Lasso A Dummy Steer

Have you ever thrown a lasso? Don a cowboy hat, tie a red bandana around your neck and try your hand at roping Bailey our dummy steer.  Kids and adults of all ages enjoy the experience.  Yee Haw!!!


Tractor Tire Garden


Kids of all ages love our tractor tire garden. Climb through them or over them - the choice is yours!

Water Pump Barrels

                               Water Pump Barrel

Many years ago you couldn't just turn on a faucet to get a drink of water, fill a bath tub or water the livestock.  Young and old alike can experience how it was done generations ago.

Pumpkin water the old-fashioned way

Sawhorse Broncos

Sawhorse Broncos

Sit atop your choice of a pony saddle or a real western saddle. Adjust those stirrups, pull that cinch tight and go on an imaginary ride.  We have cowboy hats and bandanas hanging on the saddle horn you can wear to help you complete the experience. 

Hay Stack


Who is king of the mountain?  Our stack is the perfect size for youngsters to climb on and explore.  What could be more fun than playing on a hay stack on a sunny day!  Moms can sit on a nearby bench and watch their little ones enjoy good old-fashioned fun.

Kids On Haystack

Bird Watching

The number of birds you can observe in a short period of time on our farm is nothing short of amazing. If you sit quietly on one of our many benches or boulders, you will see orioles, humming birds, red-headed woodpeckers, blue jays, red tailed hawks, sparrow hawks, crows, black birds, killdeer, blue herons, dove, wild pigeons, turkey vultures, blue birds, wild canaries, starlings, Stellar Jays, sparrows and Valley Quail.  Occasionally you will see wild geese, wild ducks, and golden eagles.  If you visit near dusk you might see one of our barn owls or horned owls. 

Photo Opportunities

                               Model T

We have many props and photo ops scattered around the farm.  In particular get your photo taken in front of our 1925-'26-'27 Model T, or our John Deere Freight wagon. 

If you are a professional photographer (if you accept any type of payment for your services from a client) please click the camera icon for a .pdf document with our terms and conditions.

Professional Photographer Camera

A special thank you to Mandy Evenson Photography for
allowing us to use many of the photos taken on this site.
Click the logo below to visit her site.

Mandy Evenson Photography


Current Harvest
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Sweet Onions
Winter Squash
Christmas Trees


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Christmas Trees

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Fresh Eggs

Cage Free Brown Eggs
We are so pleased to offer local cage free hen eggs from two local flocks. Both flocks are CA SEFS Compliant. Call ahead and we will hold a dozen for you!

Totally Awesome Honey
We have several new varieties of honey in stock including a near water white colored sweet clover, and a dark wildflower honey that tastes like wild honey gathered from wild beehives.

Totally Awesome Honey



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